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Browne Family

browne_largeThe Browne family arrived in Ireland in 1170 in Strongbow’s time, and were soon established in Galway and Mayo.

They left several important seats such as Mounthazel, Moyne, Rockville, Breaffy and Castlemacgarret.

Philippus de Browne, is said to have come to Ireland in 1170, and, in 1172, was appointed Governor of Wexford. In 1178 he went to England, and soon after returned with 60 armed knights, and was a leader at the siege of Limerick. He had three sons, William, who settled in the territory of Clanmorris, County Kerry, and Walter, who settled in County Galway, where his posterity still remain, the destination of the third son is not mentioned.

Another account states, that ”Sir David Browne, who was cotemporary with┬áRichard de Burgo, the Red Earl of Ulster, that he died in 1303, and had a son, named Stephen, who settled at Killpatricke, near Dublin, from whence, after a time a branch of that house settled at Brownstown, near Loughrea, and thence branched forth to Athenry and Galway.”

The principal families of the name at present in the province, are those of Ardskea, Gloves, Kilskeagh, Mounthazle Moyne, Rockville and Tuam, in County Galway, and Ballyhowly and Castlemagarret, in Mayo.